Monday, May 27, 2013

The pathfinding bug is dead...Long live the pathfinding

For the last week I have been sick with a sinus infection and could not concentrate on programming, but yesterday I found the pathfinding bug. It is the small things kill you in programming. When I called the pathfinding method it worked with one object but when I used it on more than one object all hell broke out. Part of it was me and part of it was me and part of it was Codea's debug printouts. The error was with the object using the same path for everythinig. I first thought the list copy function was not working but I was using the same path for everything. A simple change from path = listCopy(path) to v.path = listCopy(path) fixed the error.

The only other bug related to movement is when he map is scrolled the pathfinding checks the wrong cordinates. That should be relatively easy to fix

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