Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fighting a loosig battle with Codea Debugging

If you program for the Ipad with Codea then you are familiar with the print statement. The debug tools is a command line(a good start) and runtime errors that may or may not point to a relative piece of code. As a former Flash programmer I love the flexibility LUA has with data types and functions. I wish I was an uber programmer; to take advantage of coroutines and passing in functions as an argument would rock. But alas, this will not be. I guess the reason for this rant is I hate debugging. It's  probably a sign I'm a smart guy who can program, and not a programmer who is smart. Add in a time based play mechanic that can be real time or fire off timed intervals.

The mantra of every article I have read states, "Build a simple game first". I agree and all, but will I not follow that advice. If i am going to go through this grinder of a process then it had better be worth it.

On the programming front:
debugging the astar pathfinding return value are assigning wrong when called repeatedly.
The aster will not search the correct start and end values when the map is scrolled
Fixed various player movement issues with touch movement.
Decided to not add a mesh pool for dynamic enemy creation.
Enemy AI now knows when you are within 5ish squares of them and call a path to you. then start to move to your location. Still some major bug to squash. Arrrghhhh! So close

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