Sunday, May 12, 2013

A thought about movement.

I was thinking about how movement would work in my tile game. As the map is right now it is tile based with a total map size of 100x100 and a visible area, the actual tiles you can see, about 10x13. The game starts with the map entierly black and as you tap the adjacent tiles to the player to reveal the map. Think the gameplay for Dungelot,, on how to reveal the tiles. Revealed tiles have a chance of giving something usefull for gameplay. I am considering two ways to implement the movement/tile reveal mechanic.

First, the payer has 5 reveal points and 5 movements points to use. As you reveal reveal tiles those tiles become available to move to. If the player has no more reveal points they must use their movements up before the reveal points are reset. This design leads to the player turtelling up, revealing all of the map and missing the sense of urgency a survival game should have. The player has the right to do this and it is my job to make if fun for them.

The second way, reveal as many tiles as you want before moving but for every tile removed the chance of an enemy appearing randomly will increase. This way you force the player to keep moving and they can still loot tiles with out moving if they choose. This brings up a point of what besides surviving will push a player to give up their comfortable kill zone on the map. If the walking dead has tought us anything about zombie survival --then the answer to this question is FOOD.

The next post will talk about how Food is being inplmented in the game

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