Saturday, March 23, 2013

Where to start?

I started off this project programming LUA in program called Codea. It is an awesome product, but it needs a bit of love in the sound department. With this being said, Gideros, is another program with sound support and better event handling. I will need to make the switch, some time soon, but it is just too cool to program on an Ipad with a Bluetooth keyboard.

I also dabbled in Unity, also a quality product, but again you need a Mac to make an ios game.  Programming in LUA is too much fun and for a the 2d game I want to make it makes sense.

The next post will be the inerrant evil of programming a multi-touch interface

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First Post

This will be my journey creating my first IOS game with the program Codea. I come from a graphics background and have programmed Flash on some large projects for Cisco Learning Interactive (CLI). While creating this game I am also learning LUA at the same time.

The Game will contain:
     A tile based top down map
     Discovering tiles
     Be an educational tile about Addition, Subtraction, multiply, and divide.
     Movement will be a floating move circle
     Use a Sprite Sheet and have animated tiles.
     Targeted towards 2nd to 5th graders

My first step is to get the tile map system working with dragged scroll area, created with an grid
array for the content.