Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bug fixing and cleanup

I took a week off from programming, it is a part time hobby of mine, and now I am ready to attack the next set of issues. One bug that killed 5 hours of productivity is finally dead. I use counters to add rectangles to my map mesh. So, 1-100 are the tiles of the map and counter 1000 on up was for the items and player and enemies. I found out the hard way there can be no gaps in the numbering of rectangles being added to the mesh. If you have a break in the numbering then the rectangle shows up and is textures with the whole image map. As soon as the numbering was sequential without gaps...poof texturing worked.

The next issue is the tileType id from Tiled map editor needs to be hard coded so the map draws the correct objects.

Thing I finished:
Game Timer is in with start and stop events on and individual
animate objects with their own framerate
map scrolling in the x direction now works correctly tile updates

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