Monday, May 13, 2013

Food Will Have To Wait

While implementing the movement for the character I needed to decide what to do when the character moves over a tile that is not an enemy. Every game object is drawn above the map and when you walk over it I currently set the uv cordinates to a transparent and it dissappears without having to translate it or destroy it. This is not the best solution, but I design on the fly, and I feel a pool of objects is needed so I can just reuse the objects and save cpu time creating and destroying them on the fly. This will help when I need rectangles for a particle system (you can't have a zombie game without blood splatter) or with dynamically adding game objects to avoid memory leaks.  

Here is a video of the objects being removed and rember this is pre- alpha.

Well I need to go to my day job. One day I hope to make a living from game development 

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