Saturday, May 11, 2013

Project Z update

I know there are hundred of zombie games out there. Why would I make another one. Well, because I want to. Every article I read about indie game development states I should make a game I want to play. I want to play a rouge like zombie survival base building game with some secret sauce to make it unique. On to the game update.

The timer is in but needs some work with looping.
Selection of game objects is working and I need to process the begin touch and end touch on the map
I had multiple objects working with the astar pathfinding but the second object had it's start position get mixed up with the the last object that called the pathfinding routine. I need to implement a queue so I dont have 2 pathfinding routines running at the same time.

Things related to movement:
     the position of the objects need to be checked before a player or enemy is moved.
     If the player has a ranged weapon and taps on a enemy calculate the line of site.
     If the player is adjacent to a corner wall the damage of a ranged attack will be halved if the wall is
     infront of the player.
General things to think about:
     the interface
     the player inventory
     exploration of the map
     implement the button class
     the role of NPC's
     fire and how it can spread and damage tiles
     same screen multiplayer

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