Monday, May 6, 2013

Still no fun yet but...Progress

Thing on the next up list:

The timer is being re-examined to see the proper way of implementing it with the game objects. The game objects have an animation class attached to them and I will also attach the timer class.  After I figure out the callback routines used in the class I am  using.

A gameState for holding various game controlling variables.
    currTile to tell what tile to animate/show selection
    prevTiles to tell the last selected tile to stop from playing the list of UV cordinates and go to the
    gameState playing, menu, paused, map, gameOver, splashScreen.
The game timer will fire every 1 second but it is a variable and can be changed
     the enemy timer will fire every 5 seconds to start
     this will decrease with the noise level
     the enemy can move or attack but not both
     the hero's energy variable will add to the enemy timer
     the hero's will move every second as a baseline

Need to implement the "Secret Game Play" map and inventoty stuff.

The a-star and los fire needs to be reimplemented

First I need to get the checkNeighborTile working when it finds something in the grid[][] map

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