Friday, June 14, 2013

The need for animation states

I am modifying the animation class adding a nested list of the animation frames with a string labeling the animation name. For example, createAnimation({player,"walk",vec2(1/10,9,10),vec2(2/10,9,10),vec2(3/10,9,10),animationSpeed,
Each vector2 is one location of the UV map and the string is used for targeting the animation cycle. animationSpeed is pretty obvious and isPlaying is the flag to run the animation. This gets added to the player object, defined as the first argument of the method, for easy reference. It is a bare bones animation system that checks the passed frames for the animation timing. So, an animationSpeed of 30 would be a 1/2 second at 60 fps. Once I have the control of the animation refactored the interface need some love.

I really need to address the interface elements sooner rather than later. I have the square you touch highlight, and if you drag your finger around will snap to the corresponding square under your finger. It has a good feel to it :).    Not enough change to post a video but the it is first interface element I have build and many integration questions have come up. That will need to be another post.

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