Friday, June 7, 2013

One last Pathfinding Bug to Fix

The enemies, within a specified distance, will move to the players position. The AI Update searches  every 3 seconds for the player and if the player is not found then they will move a random direction. There are few issues I need to resolve. First, the path finding chooses a path that ends next to the player and not the exact position of the player. This is OK for now because the player and enemies will not occupy the same tile, but needs to be fixed. Secondly the player and enemies move on the same timer causing their movement rates to be the same. Separate timers will give me better control over them. The last thing I need to fix is the AI should not move a random direction if it is within the AI path finding radius or moving toward the player.

Things I need to implement:
I need to think about how sounds will effect the AI
How to have attractors lure the enemies away.
Make enemies and players not walk over each other
The art direction of the game
and the actual game play
Here is another video

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